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Terms and conditions


Healthspan Medical PTY LTD


You confirm that you agree to follow the procedures as set out on the website, that you have answered all of the questions provided in the questionnaire in sufficient detail and honesty, and are aware of conventional alternatives to the treatments provided by us. You are further aware that the products may not be SAHPRA-approved.



You understand that you may suffer adverse consequences from short-or-long term use of the alternative treatments provided by us. You confirm that you have performed sufficient research into the possible side-effects of taking the alternative treatments and that you will not hold us liable, under any circumstances, for any consequences, losses and/or damages suffered by you as a result of, or relating to, the alternative treatments provided by us, whether such consequences, losses and/or damages are direct, indirect, special or consequential.


Healthcare Practitioner consultation

You confirm that you have consulted with medical professionals with sufficient knowledge on the potential side-effects of alternative treatments and that you have made an independent decision to utilise the treatments made available by us. Additionally, you confirm that you have discussed the treatments with your current General Practitioner (“GP”) and obtained his/her guidance in respect of undergoing these treatments.


Informed Consent for alternative treatment

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you confirm that you have been informed of and are aware of the feasible alternative options to achieve your intended outcome; and that you have researched the potential risks and benefits of utilising our alternative treatments


You acknowledge that the risks which may arise from alternative treatments may not yet have been dis- covered due to the very nature that conventional medicine focuses its research efforts on conventional treatments.


Some of the reported risk of taking peptides are: Itchiness at the injection area,

Increased water retention (a common sign of overdosage), Increased hunger, dry mouth, tingling or numbness, high blood pressure, kidney pain, joint pain.


Cancellation Policy

You agree that should you elect to cancel the treatment, you will not be refunded, however we will allow you to use the remainder of your balance with any Healthspan Medical, Healthspan Aesthetics or Ozone Lounge products or services.



You agree that the information provided by you to us is accurate.



You acknowledge that we may, at any point and for any reason whatsoever - whether or not we elect to inform you of such reasons – refuse to provide you with, or continue providing you with, treatment.



You warrant that you fully accept all responsibility for any consequences, losses or damages, whether direct or indirect, arising out of, or related to, the treatment. You hereby indemnify us against any and all claims and causes of action by reason of any complication, injury and or damages which you may suffer, as a result of any medical advice, product and/or treatment, or lack thereof, provided to you by us at any point in time.


Processing of information

We will only process the information necessary in order to provide you with the requisite treatments. We shall not share your personal information with any third parties, save for your GP (if necessary) and with your next-of-kin (where necessary). Should you wish for us to erase your information, to amend your information or to advise you which information we have of yours, you may do so by emailing your request to



By agreeing to these terms, you affirm your consent to receive the treatments provided to you through us. You understand the information provided to you in these terms and conditions and agree to the fore- going. You agree that you by proceeding with the treatments, that they have been adequately explained to you, to your satisfaction. You confirm that you have received all necessary information, and sufficient explanations, including known risks concerning the treatment(s). You authorise us to proceed with the treatment, consent to receive the treatment and indemnify us (Healthspan Medical, Healthspan Aesthetics, its employees, directors, nurses or doctors) from any claims whatsoever arising out of the treatment, or related thereto.


Further, you understand that the Intake Form (being a legally binding agreement) shall be read in con- junction with, and to supplement, Healthspan Medical’s general terms and conditions (forming the principal agreement) and that both agreements shall be legally binding on me.

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